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Hello, I’m Anton, Adventure Geared was created by me.

This website is an adventure motorcycling guide for new riders wanting to get into offroad, dual-sport riding and long-distance touring. Adventure Geared is a curated selection of information that will set you on the right path to adventure motorcycling. Its aim is to provide insight into the various types of motorcycles available and what they are best suited for and to showcase what I believe is good quality gear that would suit your type of adventure riding.

Like many I was inspired to start riding by others, from knowing very little about adventure motorcycling when I first started, I gradually learned more and more until today I feel I am ready to pass some of this knowledge on.

Welcome, join us and find your story.

– Anton

Anton - Adventure Geared
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"I spent all my money on motorcycles, adventures and friends, the rest I just wasted. "


To Get Started at Adventure Motorcycling

You'll need a motorcycle

This is usually the first and most expensive part. You will need two wheels, a frame, engine and some handlebars, with all of it hopefully working together smoothly. For most new riders picking a ride is a confusing process. What size bike will I need? What is an enduro motorcycle? And isn’t Husqvarna a place in Sweden?

Well, we’re here to help. I’ve broken down your choices into three categories named: Enduro, Dual Sport and Trail. These designations are not entirely accurate however for the purposes of this guide they will do. The main consideration in choosing what kind of motorcycle you should get is to decide what kind of riding you will do; commuting, touring, weekend adventures of mostly offroad? Not sure yet? Pick one that can perform at all of these without excelling at any and then refine from there. You have many miles ahead of you!

The adventure motorcycling bike guide is here to help you decide which bike is best suited for you!

Adventure Motorcycling Guide

Choose the right motorcycle for you

Lighweight enduro machines, tough overlander dual sports or powerful adventuring behemoths, the choice is yours.

If you are looking at spending most of your time offroad, or want a no-compromise machine and Enduro motorcycle might be fore you. Typically they are single-cylinder, sub 450cc machines designed for riding technical terrain with very little comfort for long distances. They also tend to be more expensive to purchase and maintain.
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Dual-Sports are true 50/50, on and offroad machines. They tend to be heavier and less powerful than Enduros however their true potential lies in their versatility. Capable of riding dirt as well as travelling on the tarmac these are for the explorers. They are typically less expensive to purchase and lower on maintenance than enduros or trail bikes.
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Trail bikes are the most powerful but also the heaviest motorcycles. Typically they have two to three cylinders, a displacement of over 800cc and are mostly seen on the road, however, they can also be extremely capable offroad with sufficient skill. They are usually more expensive to purchase but require less periodic maintenance than Enduro machines.
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You'll need some gear

This is the second most expensive part. Although some jackets and helmets can cost more than a used motorcycle, it’s important not to skimp on rider gear. Investing in the appropriate gear can help prevent or mitigate injury in case of a tumble or accident.

Whilst it may seem that all motorcycle gear looks and is made the same, that is not the case. For example, is your jacket made of cheap polyester or is it 1000 Denier Cordura nylon? Do your boots have a shin guard, malleolus protection and a toe box? Your jacket is waterproof, but is it breathable? There is a difference between wearing a bin bag and having a Goretex integrated membrane in your jacket.

Cost is obviously a consideration but the general consensus is that you should buy the best possible gear for your money. It’s also important to purchase the gear most suited to your riding conditions. Use your motorcycle for commuting? A full Motocross style boot might be too much, a shortie boot will provide appropriate protection for street riding. If you live in hot and dry conditions, you might not need a fully waterproof jacket, buy a vented one and get a separate cheap waterproof throw-over. Do you ride in winter or in the rain often? Consider purchasing a helmet with a closable visor rather than a vented MX style lid.

See the adventure motorcycling gear guide below for information on which piece of gear might best suit you and your type of riding!

Get out there, get riding!

Adventure Motorcycling Guide

Pick the right gear for any situation

Finding the good compromise between comfort, performance, protection and price!

In most countries, a helmet is a legal requirement to ride a motorcycle, with good reason, in case of a crash the head is the most fragile part of the human body and even an impact at very low speeds is capable of incurring severe damage. Wear a helmet, they look cool, offer crucial protection and shield you from the elements. If you are riding technical offroad maybe consider a neck-brace.
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Depending on your riding conditions, your jacket could be mesh, vented or waterproof, some even combine all three. The main purpose of the jacket is to provide abrasion resistance and impact protection. If you are riding offroad, impact protection is more important due to natural obstacles on the path, if on road, abrasion takes precedent due to the higher speeds.
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Your hands are one of the main points of contact for the bike, for most the first reaction when falling is to reach out your arm to stop your fall, which makes your hands the first point of contact with the ground. Most gloves are constructed with goatskin or cowhide for this purpose, more expensive gloves also provide impact protection in the form of moulded plastic or TPU.
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Most people tend to forgo wearing dedicated trousers when riding motorcycles, however Cotton (that includes jeans) has almost no abrasion resistance and in case of a fall, there's also no impact protection provided. For offroad riding or touring, get some motorcycle trousers and change when you arrive at destination, for commuting you can now buy stylish riding jeans or chinos with CE protectors and aramid, kevlar or nylon linings baked-in.
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Motorcycle boots might look very similar to the outward onlooker, but a riding boot has a specific purpose. The foot has many separate articulate parts and forms a complex assembly which is important to protect. A toe box provides protection to the front, a heel cup to the rear, a stiff sole coupled with malleolus protector guards the side, and for offroad a shin guard protects against errant rocks or trees as well.
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