Abrasion Resistance: What is Nylon? What is Cordura?

Nylon is the second most common form of material used on motorcycle apparel, the first being polyester. Both material share quite a few common properties, there are both strong, abrasion-resistant, and are lightweight. Nylon does have an edge in some regards, especially when it comes to safety, it is well known for having better abrasion resistance (upwards of 30%) and slightly better tensile strength (about 10%) than the same denier polyester.

Abrasion Resistance: What is Denier? What is Polyester?

When comparing two products try and see if they display the denier rating on it. It should read 500D, 1000D or something in between. This will tell you what you’re really paying for; 1000D is a premium material with high abrasion resistance, 500D has lower abrasion resistance but will be much better than a no-name material that just states “100% polyester”. Okay, it’s polyester but how much of that material is there?

How I got started at Adventure Motorcycling

Throughout my years of adventure motorcycling, I have borrowed, rented and test-driven many bikes in various places for various reasons. A pattern does emerge in the bikes I keep. I tend to prefer, old school, reliable motorcycles (mostly yellow brand ones). My bikes have never let me down so far, and I enjoy the more sedate pace of a slightly underpowered steed to take in the scenery and admire the sights and sounds of the landscapes I travel through.

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